31st Florence Network Annual Meeting

Larissa, Greece – April 22-26, 2024

This year’s theme is:

“Strengthening resilience through educational and digital innovation”

Under the auspices of:

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Prof. Maria Malliarou

Organizing Committee President's Welcome

Dear colleagues,

With the warmest greetings, I welcome you to the website for FNAM 2024, the 31st Florence Network Annual Meeting to be held in Larissa, Greece, April 22-26, 2024.

The theme for this year meeting is “Strengthening resilience through educational and digital innovation”.

Florence Network Annual Meetings provide a unique and premier setting for the exchange of findings, ideas and experience in areas related to Nursing and Midwifery, and our meetings involve participants from academia and research institutes.

On a personal note, I am a member of the Florence Network since I began my career in the University of Thessaly, attending many events and meetings. I am honored to be the President of the organizing committee, and look forward to participating in my capacity as President, as a speaker, and as an attendee who will learn much from the excellent talks that will be presented.

I look forward to welcoming you to Larissa for FNAM 2024 and anticipate that it will be a superb meeting!

Dr. Maria Malliarou

Professor (Full) of Occupational Health Nursing, Nursing Department, University of Thessaly

President of the Organizing Committee FNAM 2024

Prof. Ioanna V. Papathanasiou

Welcome by the Head of the Department

Dear colleagues and students,

It is my great pleasure, and on behalf of the Department of Nursing, University of Thessaly, to welcome all of you, to participate in the 31st Florence Network Annual Meeting that will be held in our Department in Gaiopolis Campus in Larissa on April 22-26, 2024.

Nursing associations are mentioning that resilience in nursing must be viewed and acknowledged as a dynamic, fluid process that requires continuous nurturing and commitment, as well as adaptability and flexibility in the face of changing professional and personal requirements.

And as the topic of this meeting is “Strengthening resilience through educational and digital innovation”, we are looking forward to learn more about how we can enhance resilience through educational interventions and with the use of technology and digitalization.

Professor Maria Malliarou who is the President of Organizing committee and a Member of the Academic Committee of Florence Network, has done a magnificent work and we hope that FNAM annual meeting in Greece will be a successful one and enjoyable for everyone.

Dr. Ioanna V. Papathanasiou

Professor of Community Psychiatry Nursing

Head of Department of Nursing

School of Health Sciences

University of Thessaly

Our motto this year is...